Advising Hold

To help ensure you are on track with requirements and are choosing the best courses to meet your goals, if you have under 30 completed credit hours, you will be required to meet with your advisor prior to registering for classes. This hold is placed on your account each semester and will prevent you from registering for any upcoming semesters.


Purpose of the Advising Hold:

  • Encourages you to meet with your academic advisor prior to registering for classes
  • Helps ensure you are receiving proper guidance when planning for the upcoming semester
  • Allows for you and your advisor to discuss resources on campus that support academic success
  • Aids in fostering communication between you and your advisor

How to remove the Advising Hold:

When you meet with your academic advisor, your hold will be removed. You are encouraged to meet with your advisor early to ensure you can register as soon as your time ticket opens!


You can find out who your advisor is here, or click here to schedule an appointment.

If you have questions about the advising hold or need help identifying your advisor, please email


FACULTY/STAFF ADVISORS: email to have the advising hold removed from a student you advised. Please include the student's name and KSU#. We will email you when the hold has been removed.