Focus Areas

What is a Focus Area?

Students wishing to be Undeclared are now being asked to select an accompanying "Focus Area" if they did not choose one at the time of admission. 

Focus Areas consist of two semesters of carefully curated classes designed to assist students in preparing to choose a major by completing relevant prerequisite coursework. The recommended courses prioritize specific general education and introductory classes that serve as foundational knowledge for a cluster of majors.

  • Undeclared Focus Areas are not intended for students who have completed 30 or more credit hours.

    Focus Areas are specifically designed to assist first-year students in fulfilling essential general education requirements while simultaneously exploring potential majors. Once a student has exceeded 30 credit hours, they should either have a specific major in mind that they are prepared to declare or seek additional guidance through Owl Advising to identify a suitable major.

    Students who fail to declare a major after accumulating 30 credit hours will have a registration hold, referred to as a "UF" hold, placed on their account. This hold necessitates that they meet with an advisor to request a major change before being allowed to register for courses in the upcoming term.

    It's important to note that majors can be changed as interests or career goals evolve, so the initial major declaration may not be the same as the major the student graduates with

  • No, a student enrolled in a Focus Area is still classified as Undeclared and has not yet committed to a specific major or subject. Students are allowed to change their Focus Area as frequently as they desire, as long as they have not accumulated more than 30 credit hours.

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