Mission & Values


At Kennesaw State, we serve as a powerful example of the impact a student-centered, research-driven university education can deliver. We help students succeed through exploration, collaboration, and rigor, uniting a diverse spectrum of backgrounds and talents. At KSU, students become the individuals who people want as colleagues and leaders.


  • We are...
    We Believe in...
  • Student-inspired

    Fueling aspiration and delivering pathways – enabling students to stretch and strive, embrace a dream, and create actionable plans.

  • Promise-fulfilling

    Being committed and ready – making promises we can keep to fuel opportunity for every student and spark economic growth for the region.

  • True to ourselves

    Staying genuine, guided by honesty, intention, and purpose – no matter how we change, grow, or evolve – never forgetting who we are.

  • Elevational

    Raising trajectory – chasing, creating, pursuing, building.

  • Open

    Embracing the true power of openness – valuing and leveraging diverse perspectives to find better solutions and gain an edge.

  • Impact-generating

    Delivering a difference – impacting individuals and communities for positive change.