President's Focused Learner Program

What are "PFL"s?

The President's Focused Learners ("PFLs") are students welcomed to the program to gain assistance in navigating the various resources and expectations for making you a successful college student!  Learn more about your major decision, a wide variety of strategies for success, and get to know some other awesome students at KSU that are going through the same process.

How will we know if we've been welcomed?

One of the most important things you can do as a KSU student is check your student email account. Be on the lookout for information and a "welcome" email there. Interested in joining PFL? Please email us at and we would love to help you get involved!

Even if you're not a PFL, we will make sure to share out any workshops to the entire student community.  You are welcome to attend!  Check us out on OwlLife!

Want to learn more as a PFL? Check below:

Welcome! We are so excited to help you navigate the various aspects of being a Kennesaw State University student!  Check below for some of the cool things this program is going to offer you and get ready to get involved in all the fun!

There are so many benefits to getting involved:

  • This program will provide built-in accountability measures to help you progress in your academic career.
  • Gain access to a multitude of support services that are tailoring opportunities for PFLs. These include but are not limited to:
    • Tutoring
    • Success Workshops
    • Academic Seminars
    • Events
  • Receive student-to-student mentorship.  Learn from others just like you!
    • Never feel alone as you create lifelong friendships with other PFLs
    • Celebrate your successes with your automatic PFL family

The President's Focused Learners Program involves the entire academic support community at KSU.  Thank you to all of those that help support our students.  Welcome to Kennesaw State University and be on the lookout for helpful information in your student email.

Questions? Email us at