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    What is Dance?

    The Department of Dance at Kennesaw State University fosters an environment of creative and scholarly learning by engaging students as active scholar-artists. The program offers a variety of academic and practical experiences aimed at developing a holistic understanding of dance as an art form, encourage students to investigate dance as a method of analysis, a mode of inquiry, and as an aesthetic experience. Partnerships with professional dance and art organizations provide a variety of practical performance experiences for dance students in the community. Collaborative learning with professional artists and scholars, propel dance students into the profession while they are actively developing their skills as dance artists.

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    Admission Requirements

    All students entering the dance major program must demonstrate technical and artistic aptitude capable of successfully completing the program of study.

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    Concentrations Available


    Related Minor or Certificates Available

    • Dance Minor (Audition is not required)


    Sample Classes

    • Students will acquire complex motor skills, intermediate and advanced classical ballet techniques and knowledge appropriate for successful participation in classical ballet performance. Multiple turns and beats are explored, along with beginning pointe work in some cases, as well as petite allegro and grand allegro combinations.

    • Students acquire complex motor skills, intermediate and advanced techniques and knowledge appropriate for the successful participation in jazz dance performance. Multiple simultaneous isolations, contracted falls and turning jumps are explored, along with movement combinations of 64 beats and longer.

    • In this course, students will creatively discover and investigate the body’s potential to move without preconception. Through a variety of movement stimulation exercises students are encouraged to develop their inner creativity and explore movement invention.

    • Students develop analytical and critical skills in dance through an understanding of core dance principles, developing refined observation skills, and the study of dance journalism.