Learning Support Information


  1. Why was I designated as needing Learning Support?

Answer: Students entering KSU for the Summer and Fall of 2020 are being evaluated using a) HS GPA, and b) transfer credits. They have an LSP requirement for enrolling in co-requisite courses if they meet any of the following conditions:

  1. For incoming freshman whose HS GPA is less than 2.8
  2. For transfer students who do not have a Math or English credit level course above the 1000 level and have an LSP requirement.
  3. Indicators in the advising guide are:
    1. LSE (English 0999 + English 1101),
    2. LSM1 (Math 0999 + Math 1111) and LSM2 (Math 0998 + Math 1101)
    3. LSM1 or LSM2 can also indicate STAT 0996 + STAT 1401
  1. What are the LSP co-requisite courses?

Answer: Learning support courses are 1-hour credit courses which prepare students to be successful in their required English, Math and/or STAT courses. The co-requisite courses must be taken in conjunction with the credit level courses. They are:

  • Co-requisite 
  • LSE = ENGL
    ENGL 0999 + ENGL 1101
  • LSM1 = MATH
    MATH 0999 + MATH 1111
  • LSM2 = MATH
    MATH 0998 + MATH 1101
  • LSM2 = MATH
    STAT 0996 + STAT 1401

Note: Students with an LSP requirement in the advising guide must register for both the co-requisite course and the credit level course at the same time. 

  1. Do I have to complete the LSE first?

Answer: No.

  1. LSE and LSM requirements are separate. Some students come in with an LSE requirement, some with just LSM, and some with both. If they come in with any LS requirement those courses must be taken in their first semester here.
  2. Some students below 30 hours with both LSE and LSM requirements can register for a LSE first semester and the LSM the second semester they are at KSU. They must register for their LS courses first. They must remain under 30 hours. If they exceed 30 hours the only course, they can take is the LS course plus the associated credit level course.
  1. Can I be exempted from co-requisite courses?

Answer: You may be exempt from learning support based on your HS GPA scores. The adjusted exemption scores are as follows:

Corequisite English 1101 exemption GPA is 2.5 (was 3.1)

Corequisite MATH 1101 exemption GPA is 2.5 (was 3.2)

Corequisite MATH 1111 exemption 2.8 (was 3.4)

Corequisite STAT 1401 exemption 2.5 (was 3.2)

If you have taken the equivalent of a Math 1001, 1101, 1111, 1112, 1113, 1190 or STAT 1401, and earned at least a “C” you are exempt from Learning Support.

  1. I was informed I need to take two Math co-requisite courses. Do I need to take the co-requisite courses?

Answer: If you take and pass the higher-level Math course plus it’s co-requisite course with at least a “C” the other co-requisite course is not needed. 

  1. Do you know whether Owl Express will accept both courses at the same time as part of registering? 

Answer: Yes, you should register for both courses at the same time.

  1. As the LSP courses are 1 credit each, do they fall under Non-Degree applicable in DegreeWorks? 

Answer: All of the learning support courses are not degree applicable and will always fall into unused. They cannot be used as a free elective course.

  1. Can students test out of these co-requisite courses?

Answer: Yes, students can take the Accuplacer examination. They will need to contact the KSU Testing Center.

  1. If I have a Learning Support advising hold on my registration, who do I contact to have it removed?

Answer: Please schedule an advising appointment through “Navigate” with your academic advisor.

  1. If I have additional or specific questions who can I contact?

Answer: You should contact their advisor first and then the English and/or Math departments, if necessary.


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