Probation Advising Hold

What is Academic Probation?

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Academic Probation is a status that a student enters when their institutional grade point average falls below 2.00 at the conclusion of a specific term. This means that their overall academic performance for that term did not meet the minimum standard set by Kennesaw State University.

To support students during this period, there is a policy that restricts enrollment to a maximum of 13 credit hours while on Academic Probation. This policy aims to help students focus on fewer courses and make concentrated efforts to improve their grades, aiming to raise their overall GPA back to the acceptable level. It's an opportunity for students to address their academic challenges with the necessary resources, guidance, and support from the university.

  • A student will face dismissal from the university if they fail to meet either of the following requirements while on Academic Probation:

    • Term Grade Point Average: If a student does not achieve a term grade point average (GPA) of 2.00 or higher for a specific semester. This indicates that their overall academic performance during that term did not meet the university's standard and they will be dismissed.


    • Academic Probation Duration: If a student remains on Academic Probation for three consecutive semesters. This signifies that their academic progress has not improved sufficiently to restore their standing to good academic standing and they will be dismissed.

    Kennesaw State University will initiate the process of dismissal as a result of academic performance falling below either of these required standards. It's important for students to use available resources, connect with academic advisors, and actively engage in measures to enhance their academic achievements, as this will contribute to their success and continued enrollment at the university.

    • After the first academic dismissal, a student may be considered for readmission after an absence of one semester. A dismissed student must apply for readmission through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions prior to posted deadlines.
    • After the second academic dismissal, a student may be considered for readmission after an absence of one calendar year from the end of the semester for which the second dismissal occurred. A dismissed student must apply for readmission through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions prior to posted deadlines.
    • After the third academic dismissal, the student will no longer be eligible for readmission. 
      Any exceptions to this policy must be appealed and approved by the Academic Standing Committee per BOR Policy Manual, Section 6.26. Information on academic appeals is available through the Office of the Registrar website. 

    Remember, when returning from dismissal, you must reapply to the university. It's important to note that reinstatement is not automatic even after completing the required number of semesters away. 

  • Yes, you may appeal through the Office of the Registrar. Visit the Academic Standing Appeals website under "Dismissal Suspension Appeal" to learn more. 

What is the Probation Advising Hold?

The Probation Advising Hold is purposefully crafted as a guided success tool, aimed at aiding students on probation in elevating their Institutional GPA and reinstating their good academic standing. Students under this hold are obligated to meet with their academic advisor, facilitating discussions on effective study and learning strategies, planning appropriate coursework, and learning about available resources geared towards enhancing their academic performance.

Facing Academic Probation can feel daunting, but remember, it's not a roadblock – it's a chance to rise stronger and smarter. Academic Probation is designed to provide you with the tools and support needed to improve your academic standing and flourish in your studies.

How do I remove the Probation Advising Hold?

Check your KSU email regularly!
Once Probation Advising Holds have been placed, your assigned advisor will send you an appointment invitation via your student email. You will use the link they send you to sign up for an appointment in EAB Navigate.

Don't see an appointment time that works for your schedule?
You can also visit your advising office during their "drop-in" advising hours!

Have you decided to change your major, but have not declared it yet?
That is alright! While you will still receive an appointment invitation from the advisor of your current major, you are encouraged to instead meet with an advisor in your new major to remove your hold.

Just schedule a regular advising appointment in EAB Navigate, or visit the office during drop-in advising hours. Not sure who to meet with? Find your new advisor here.

Am I going to get this hold again next semester?
Possibly. If you are not able to remove yourself from Academic Probation at the end of the current term, you will receive the Probation Advising Hold again.

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