Digital Animation

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Admission Requirements

Admission to degree programs in the School of Art and Design is contingent upon portfolio review and acceptance by the school. Applications and portfolios will be reviewed by the School of Art and Design Portfolio Review Committee.   

The School of Art and Design (SOOAD) Entry Portfolio requires 4 artworks and a 200-word artist statement. 

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Related Minors or Certificates Available

  • Art History Minor
  • Classical Studies Minor

Sample Classes

  • This course is an introduction to contemporary animation. Course content focuses on frame-to-frame animation as well as 2-dimensional rigged animation techniques. Students will create unique animations using industry standard time-based media computer applications.
  • This course is an introduction to the use and creation of storyboards for animation. Students will interpret narratives including their own material into functional sequential art. Students will explore both traditional and digital media in the course.

  • Students will apply their drawing skills and knowledge of the figure to create original characters designed for applied 2D animation techniques.
  • This graduating senior capstone course focuses on the development of a student resume and professional animation reel showcasing work designed for the animation industry. There is also a research component to hone expertise in current job market demands and requirements, prepare for establishment as a freelance artist in the animation industry, and/or graduate school opportunities. The animation reel will demonstrate an individual style and a high level of conceptual ability and professionalism.