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    What is Health and Physical Education?

    The Bachelor of Science with a major in Health & Physical Education is designed to prepare health and physical education teachers at all grade levels (pre-kindergarten through grade 12). Candidates complete the equivalent of a major in health and physical education and a second major in pedagogical studies with an emphasis on teaching health and physical education. 

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    Admission Requirements

    Students may initially declare an "-Interest" based major in this subject, but must still meet additional requirements to be formally accepted into the degree program.

    Fall Cohort Admission

    In order to be admitted to the Health and Physical Education (P-12) program, majors must apply to both the Bagwell College Teacher Preparation Program and to the Department of Health Promotion and Physical Education. 

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    Sample Classes

    • This course addresses the knowledge, fundamental techniques and motor skill analysis appropriate for the development of children’s games, dance and gymnastics. The focus of this course is on curriculum development, methods and materials for planning and implementing a total developmental program for elementary physical education. Includes teaching experiences and appropriate computer software usage.

    • This course examines major public and school-related health issues and programs impacting children and youth.

    • This course provides an overview of the purposes and forms of assessments used in P-12 health and physical education programs. Emphasis includes the study of authentic assessments as opportunities for student learning as well as instructional tools for effective teaching. Topics include assessments of knowledge and skill acquisition, gathering, reporting and interpreting assessment results, validity and reliability of assessment instruments, and test administration.

    • This course examines the principles of biomechanics and exercise physiology as they relate to the motor performance and physical fitness levels of children and youth. The course will focus on the application of concepts to development of P-12 Health and Physical Education programs.