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    What is Nursing?

    The Wellstar School of Nursing (WSON) offers both traditional and accelerated BSN programs for students who want to become a registered nurse. The curriculum includes courses in the humanities and the biological and social sciences as well as the theoretical and clinical practice background necessary for the practice of professional nursing. The purpose of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing is to prepare graduates for generalist nursing practice. Graduates will be prepared to practice with patients including individuals, families, groups, and populations across the lifespan and across the continuum of healthcare environments. 

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    Admission Requirements

    Admission to the Bachelor of Nursing program is separate from admission to Kennesaw State University. Students must meet the program requirements to pursue this degree program.

    Admission is COMPETITIVE. Completion of prerequisite requirements does not guarantee acceptance into this degree program.

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    General Education Core IMPACTS Curriculum Requirements Specific to This Major

    T: Students can choose from CHEM 1151/L & 1152/L, CHEM 1211/L & 1212/L, PHYS 1111/L & PHYS 1112/L, or BIOL 1107/L & 1108/L.

    Degree Progression Requirements

    Criteria for progression to the junior and senior year and graduation from the baccalaureate degree program are as follows:

    • Receive at least a “C” in all nursing prerequisite courses and all nursing courses
    • A student may repeat only one nursing course. A grade less than “C” in any two nursing courses will result in being dismissed from the program. Students who are dismissed are not eligible to reapply. Students must earn a minimum of “C” in each nursing course to progress.

    Licensing Exam Information

    The program of study in nursing offers the opportunity to obtain a BSN degree.  After completion of the degree, graduates will be eligible to apply to take the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX) to practice as a registered nurse (R.N.).

    Related Certificates or Minors Available

    • Nutritional Science Minor
    • Public Health Minor

    Sample Classes

    • This course is designed to introduce the student to the philosophical and theoretical basis for professional nursing across the lifespan. Emphasis is on the six processes of nursing, self-care requisites, and holistic health. Learning experiences are provided in the Nursing Learning Resource Center and diverse healthcare settings.

    • An introduction to fundamental nursing pharmacologic principles and their application. The nursing process approach will be utilized in providing the theoretical base for the knowledge and skills needed to safely administer medications to patients. An in-depth review of current and evidence-based practice will be discussed when applying responsible and accountable knowledge regarding medication administration.

    • This course is designed to build the fundamental nursing knowledge framework and skill set necessary to safely care for adults in acute care settings using concepts of holistic nursing. Adult health nursing assists individuals and their families in promotion, maintenance, and restoration of optimal health. Learning experiences are provided in the Nursing Learning Resource Center and diverse healthcare settings.

    • In this course, we will apply the nursing processes to commonly encountered mental health problems across the lifespan. Note: Students in the accelerated program will have different prerequisite and concurrent prerequisite requirements. Please consult with the Assistant Director of Nursing Student Success before registration.