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    What is Public Relations?

    The Public Relations major at Kennesaw State University offers a professionally-focused, marketplace-relevant, and theoretically-rigorous academic program for aspiring public relations communicators throughout Metro Atlanta and Northwest Georgia. Kennesaw State is one of only three universities in the state of Georgia to offer a specific major in the ever-evolving discipline of Public Relations.

    The major offers students a public relations education that includes public relations principles, case study analysis, public relations writing, crisis communication, graphic design for organizational publications, persuasion methods and strategies, and use of social media and other multi-media communication strategies in public relations. Internships and study tours to New York and Atlanta public relations agencies supplement the traditional classroom and online learning settings.

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    Admission Requirements

    Students may initially declare an "-Interest" based major in this subject, but must still meet additional requirements to be formally accepted into the degree program.

    Students interested in applying for any of the School of Communication & Media (SOCM) majors must meet the Sophomore GPA requirement which consists of combined adjusted 2.75 GPA in the following five courses:

    • COMM 2020: CSI: Communication Sources and Investigations
    • COMM 1110: Public Speaking
    • COMM 2033: Visual Communication
    • COMM 2135: Writing for Public Communication
    • COMM 2240: Communication Law, Ethics and Diversity

    Students must also achieve a satisfactory score of 78% or higher on the SOCM Entrance Exams. Students may take the test no more than three times.

    This Entrance Exam requirement will be waived for students in 2022-2023 catalog year.

    Related Minors or Certificates Available

    • Organizational & Professional Communication Minor
    • Public Relations Minor


    Sample Class

    • This course examines basic roles and functions of messaging strategy in promoting organizational goals. A case study approach  emphasizes theory and methods for effective communication with diverse organizational publics, including the mass media, employees, consumers, financial stakeholders and special interest groups.

    • This course examines the application of strategies and tactics used to achieve objectives of a public relations plan. Students learn and practice foundational skills and techniques used in the professional practice of public relations, such as developing effective communication strategies and tactics, media relations, media training, distribution of news and information, special events and the use of photos, graphics and video.

    • This course explores digital publication design in the practice of public relations and strategic communication. In addition to principles of design, including the use of photography and graphics, students learn to prepare content and communicate strategic messages through coordination of text, images, and strategic design. Graphic design software and other online tools are used to develop an understanding of visual communication strategies and skills to create publications that raise awareness, affect attitudes, and influence behavior.

    • PR 4460 provides students insights regarding key concepts, theoretical perspectives, essential skills and abilities, and critical thinking and problem solving skills necessary for effective crisis management within organizations. Topics include issues management, risk management, relationship management, crisis planning and preparation, case studies, and developing crisis management plans.