Mission & Values


Academic advisors at Kennesaw State University play a transformative role in the student experience through personalized and holistic strategies that promote each student's success. Through a collaborative relationship, we empower all students to take ownership of their education. We provide students with information about program requirements, coursework, campus resources, university policies and procedures, and career options. Embracing cross-campus collaboration, we work alongside faculty to help students become civically engaged, lifelong learners. We are fully committed to fostering a campus environment that respects and values the uniqueness and diversity of the students we serve.


  • We are...
    We Believe in...
  • Student-inspired
    Fueling aspiration and delivering pathways – enabling students to stretch and strive, embrace a dream, and create actionable plans.
  • Promise-fulfilling
    Being committed and ready – making promises we can keep to fuel opportunity for every student and spark economic growth for the region.
  • True to ourselves
    Staying genuine, guided by honesty, intention, and purpose – no matter how we change, grow, or evolve – never forgetting who we are.
  • Elevational
    Raising trajectory – chasing, creating, pursuing, building.
  • Open
    Embracing the true power of openness – valuing and leveraging diverse perspectives to find better solutions and gain an edge.
  • Impact-generating
    Delivering a difference – impacting individuals and communities for positive change.