Math Placement

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    Which MATH can you start at?

    When you applied to KSU, you were automatically placed into your starting MATH course based on a combination of your high school GPA and the math portion of your SAT or ACT.

    What if I took both the SAT and ACT?: 

    • We will use the higher score between your exams to determine your math placement.

    What if I did not take the SAT or ACT?

    • You will automatically be placed into MATH 1111. However, if you feel you should start at a higher level MATH, consider taking the ALEKS.

    Talk to your advisor to ensure that you register for the most appropriate math class for your major!

    Placement Criteria

    • MATH 1111: College Algebra
      MATH 1113: Precalculus
      • MATH 1160: Elementary Applied Calculus
      • MATH 1179: Calculus for Life Sciences
      • MATH 1190: Calculus I
    • Anyone can start here!

      No test scores or HS GPA required.

      SAT Math score: 570 or above.


      ACT MATH 23 or above.


      High school GPA of 2.8 or above.

      SAT Math Score: 620 or above.


      ACT Math score: 26 or above.


      High school GPA of 3.2 or above.

      Note on MATH 1160 and MATH 1179:

      MATH 1160 is only for Coles College of Business students.

      MATH 1179 is only for Biology and Environmental Science majors.

    • ALEKS Placement Assessment

      What is ALEKS?
      ALEKS (Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces) is an adaptive, online assessment and learning tool that is designed to help students improve their math skills. The program assesses a student's math knowledge, identifies gaps in understanding, and creates a personalized learning plan to help fill those gaps. ALEKS is used by KSU as a tool to assess students' math abilities and potentially place them into a higher level of MATH than was originally determined. This is a good option for STEM students who did not place into their recommended MATH course for their major.

      Please visit to learn more and to register. Please keep in mind that ALEKS is not a single examination, but is rather an intensive combination of at-home modules and an assessment.

      • Note on MATH 1179 and MATH 1189

        Calculus for Life Sciences (MATH 1179) is intended as an alternative Calculus option for Biology and Environmental Science majors ONLY. This course will not meet the MATH General Education requirements for any other STEM majors (ex. Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, etc).

        If you took MATH 1179 and later decide to change to a major that requires MATH 2202 (Calculus II), you must then take the 1-credit hour bridge course, MATH 1189, before you can progress into MATH 2202.