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    What is a "Starting Block"?

    To help new students start strong at KSU, incoming first year students are provided the opportunity to participate in Starting Blocks.

    Rather than selecting individual classes, students choose a block of courses relative to their major or interests, allowing them to take multiple courses with other students with similar long-term interests and goals.

    Starting Blocks ensures that every first-year student starts their academic pursuit on the right foot. Students will have the ability to be with familiar faces in multiple courses. Get started with the right support to help you succeed!

    • What Are the Benefits of Starting Blocks? How Do They Work?

      You will be able to build your first semester at Kennesaw State University in just a few easy steps!

      Your major will help us determine the most appropriate courses for the first semester.

      You will choose:

      A College-specific Starting Block: These include multiple courses tied together in one bundle. Courses may include various General Education requirements and/or introductory courses for your selected major.

      An ENGL 1101/MATH (1111, 1113, 1179, or 1190) or ENGL 1101/STAT 1401 Starting Block. Your options will depend on your MATH Placement and major requirements!

      Together, these Starting Blocks will create your first semester schedule.

      You may still be able add an additional class(es) to your schedule if it was not included in any of your Starting Block options (ex. Marching Band, free electives, etc). Talk to your advisor!

      Starting Block schedules mean less waiting and less travel between classes and campuses. 

      The guides below will be updated weekly throughout the Summer to help you know which options are likely still available!

      First, check out the General Education/Introductory Course Block PDFs here.

      Then, take a look at our ENGL/MATH and ENGL/STAT options to finalize your schedule.

      Even if you have Dual Enrollment/AP/or other college-level credit coming in, Starting Blocks may still work for you!
      If you have been accepted into the Journey Honors College, there are Starting Blocks specifically for you!
      You’ll meet the Honors Advisors and College Advisors at orientation, but you can get some things figured out before you attend! Please check here for information about Honors options.
      Are you declared in an Online-Learner program? There are Starting Blocks for you!

      General Education/Introductory Course Block Options

      + Review Your Options Below

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